After a Senior year of high school with perfect grades, Bart, the principle photographer of BSide Fotos, was rewarded with his first 35mm camera.  That camera lens opened the world from a different angle and a photographer was born.

He used the camera throughout his college years and personal life, shooting friends,  family and the occasional special event.  Over time,  his eye became trained and he quickly learned that he had developed a love of the magical relationship between people and the camera.  Word of mouth spawned numerous requests to photograph model portfolios,  portraits and sporting events.

Up to that point,  everything he knew had been self-taught.  He recognized that he would have to take his unconventional training into the digital age and enrolled at the International Center of Photography in New York. There the passion for creative expression was reignited and he established BSide Fotos to acknowledge the need to move photography from hobby to vocation.

He continues to capture headshots, fashion and fitness images in his adopted home in Atlanta, Georgia.

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